Looping Suspense


MDF, Slate, Iron Prop, PVC,

1-Channel-Video (8' 30''), 4-Channel-Sound installation (Composition: Nicolas Buzzi), Size variable

Exhibition view Museum Haus Konstruktiv Zürich

The glare of the screen casts an eerie light on a model-like arrangement of building skeletons which reflect the abysses of a growth-aspiring system of our time. Dust that sneaks and spreads through urban centers, shooting itself up in concentrated force as formations of power and possessions, simultaneously creating pits of emptiness. Constructions loaded with the geopolitical traces they leave behind and as manifestations of a current order and the resulting consequences are shaping the environment. In the work Looping Suspense, the interrelations of human interventions in nature and the built environment are put into conflict and made atmospherically tangible in a spatial arrangement. Set pieces of existing media images of explosions in limestone quarries, in which the material for concrete production is mined, as well as of implosions of existing high-rise buildings, which have to give way to the construction of new buildings, are combined with digitally generated animations. In explosive-graphic representations, pieces of furniture that could have been extracted from offices or living spaces dissolve into small parts and spread out. The globalized shift of raw materials and their trade is symbolized in the decomposition of these objects. The situation is taken up by a sound that intensifies the discomfort of this scene. Fragments of destruction on buildings and landscapes form the starting point of this sound environment, which, like Timothy Morton's hyperobjects, is directly invisible but omnipresent. In the composition are integrated high frequencies that can only be heard by younger people. These noises address a future generation and refer to the heritage left by the cycles of construction and deconstruction, the excessive extraction of resources and the consumption of resources. An imbalance whose environmental impact is a societal challenge.