Kunsthalle Arbon CH

Solo exhibition

6.6. - 12.7.2015

Photos: Chantal Kaufmann

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  • Exhibition view

    In Between Geometries

  • The Sounds Of Thinking Lizards

    Collaboration with Nicolas Dauwalder Speakers, iron, foam

  • Grasping Realities


  • Ground B

    L: Reflecting Notions/ Scratching the Past Glas, light, plywood R: Drift On Purpose Styrofoam, nails

  • Ground B

    front: Chemical Memory Aluminium Back: Undreamed Of Possibilities Plaster, fabric, fiber glass, metal

  • Ground B

    front: Dividing the 3rd Dimension Lacked iron back: Truth and Sediments Concrete, styrofoam

  • Totally aware/ FTO

    MDF, velvet, fake egg, tube

  • (carry) The ultimate Substance

    Lacked Styrofoam

  • Host an Organism

    Plaster, polyurethane

  • Ground A (overview)

  • Sample Of A Guardian

    Wood, plaster, glass

  • Radical Result

    MDF, styrofoam, lack

  • Exhibition fron view

  • Inivitation