Solo show High Gallery Poznan/PL


We dig, pump, frack, and dredge through earth’s crust to get to the materials we need, the sheer endless amount of sand in the desert dazzles us, depositional sediments are shaped into something new within a blink of an eye, the future ruins will start to slowly decay again, the environments change and surfaces transform, pressed, casted, hardened, bonded, what comes after the exploitation, sand corns become stars and we lie vulnerable on the ground looking up to them, how will it feel, dredge my dreams, loosing ourselves in the starry sky, imagining our lives in a bigger picture, everything needs to adjust, like floating molecules on a sunny sky, the industrial and capital spaces that we are, recreational realness in some re-created surroundings, taken from a natural habitat and placed in a new order, seamless patterned, rendered surfaces in virtual spaces, how we find the answer in the void.

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  • FiNite

    Tarpaulin, Rope, iron 320 x 230 cm

  • FiNite


  • Once sunk in that ground

    Towel, Railing, Sand 300 x 90 x 10 cm

  • Detail

  • Pattern Attempt Today

    Towel, UV printed Acetate, Acrylic, Railing 100 x 150 x 20 cm